Easily diagnose customer problems.

Capable is a technical support tool that lets your customers easily record their screen,
take screenshots, and provide you with detailed steps to recreate their problems.

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Join other software businesses making technical support more efficient.
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Instantly cut technical support costs.

Save time and technical support costs by reducing the back and forth. With an understanding of your customers' environment and the exact steps they are taking to create the problem Capable will reduce your support costs in an instant.

Reduce customer support friction
Reduce customer support friction

Give your support team the technical information they need to move to resolution quicker.

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Put your customer in control

With an easy way to record their screen you'll be able to see exactly what is happening quickly.

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Spend less time diagnosing

Quicker than arranging a screenshare session, you'll spend less time diagnosing and more time solving.

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Integrates with your favourite support tools.

Optionally integrates with Zendesk, Freshdesk or Slack so your customer support reports will be available directly in the tools you use every day. Send diagnostic links directly from our easy to use browser plugin, and receive the results in the tool of choice. It's like having an extra support member on your team.

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Visual bug reports that cut to the chase.

Minimise customer frustration and solve bug reports faster with visual recordings and screenshots. Break down technical barriers between you and your customer with detailed technical information about your customers browser and environment.

  • Let your customer record their screen
  • Upload screenshots of issues
  • Easily diagnose browser and O.S. versions - without your customer needing to know them
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A professional landing page dedicated to improving support queries.

Style your very own support team page to match your company branding. Upload your own logo and make Capable your own. Integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

  • Beautifully designed support landing page
  • Fully customised for your business
  • Perfect for sharing across suppport channels
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£ 25
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  • Dedicated support page
  • Unlimited screen recordings
  • Unlimited reports
  • Browser diagnostics
  • Unlimited screen uploads
  • Lifetime updates
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Start solving customer problems faster

The perfect support companion for software support teams with all the tools you need to understand customer issues and start solving faster.

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