Solve customer problems faster.

Capable is a screen recording and diagnostic app for software support teams that helps you figure out your customers environment and solve their problems faster.

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Diagnose faster.

Send a simple link to customers to diagnose problems faster. Let your customers record their screen to quickly see exactly what problem they are having.

Perfect for software teams.

Figure out what operating system and browser your customer is running, along with their exact screen size and browser capabilities. Capable is the perfect support companion for software and web development teams.

Branded for you

Style your support help page to match your company branding. Upload your own logo and make Capable your own. Integrates seamlessly into your workflow.

Solve tickets
at lightning speed.

Get additional clarity on reported software issues, so your team don't waste time on figuring out your customers environment. Get the detail your team need to start debugging - not diagnosing.

  • Let your customer easily record their problem.
  • Automatic browser and environment reports.
  • Browser capability detection.
  • Modernizr feature detects with every report.

Improve product

Capable helps you analyse the problems customers are having regularly so you can focus on the bugs and UX misunderstandings that make the most impact.

Playback problems that are happening time and time again to influence your product direction, improve your UX and minimise support times.

Pricing & Plans

One monthly fee, whatever size your business.
Unlimited use. One monthly fee.


  • Unlimited screen recordings
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited reports
  • Browser diagnostics
  • Adblock detection
  • Lifetime updates
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Give your support team the technical answers they need.

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