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Make debugging web applications a breeze, with the right amount of information about your customers devices and environment.

Beautiful Reporting

Take a (totally free!) look for yourself at the detailed information we can provide your technical team with.

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How it Works

  • Your customer needs help and gets in touch.

    Support requests often don’t contain enough technical information for developers to diagnose problems. Support agents often have to get back in touch with customers for more detail about their environment and device, wasting time and increasing their frustration.

  • Install the Capable Widget

    Our js widget does the diagnostics heavy lifting, and allows your team to see a full breakdown of your customers device, with browser feature support. That means your support team can easily determine the environment the customer was using at the time of the bug report.

  • Start receiving detailed reporting.

    With a full breakdown of all aspects of your customers setup, including screensize, device and platform and supported browser features your team will no longer be in the dark and find it quicker and easier to track bugs and diagnose issues.

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  • Unlimited bug reporting
  • One simple monthly fee
  • Cross platform device detection
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  • Support / Helpdesk Integration
  • Customisable branded landing page.